• Length: ... 4040 mm
  • Width: ... 1860 mm
  • Height: ... 1030 mm
  • Wheelbase: ... 2440 mm
  • Curb weight (without petrol and driver): 847kg
  • Weight distribution: 41.1% front / 58.9% rear
  • Acceleration 0-100km/: 3.0-3.4s (according to used gear ratios)
  • Max. speed: 190km/h – 275km/h (according to used gear ratios)
  • Volume: 1997 ccm
  • Max. rev. :9800 rpm
  • Engine type: Honda K20. Performance of K20 naturally aspirated: 265HP+ for short races usage, 250HP+ for endurance races usage
  • Engine type: Performance of K20 with Eaton compressor: 325HP+ (408HP/1ton weight) for short races usage, 305HP+ for endurance races usage or even 340HP+ with E85 fuel
  • Programmed ECU Hondata K-Pro3
  • Own construction 6 speed DogGear kit without synchros
  • Own construction sequential robotic shifting
  • Metal plate LSD differential MFactory 2way
  • Custom made adjustable circuit suspension equipped with external dual oil chambers and double shock absorption pistons and possibility of suspension height, compression and rebound adjustment
  • Uniballs used on front and rear axle and possibility to adjust geometry in all directions including castor
  • Rear antiroll bar
  • Front: 6 pistons XYZ Racing calipers with 332/32 brake discs
  • Rear: 4 pistons Racing calipers with 330/30 brake discs
  • Brake pads: RayBestos ST47, ST31,ST43 (according to race length)
  • Pedals assembly: Willwood with rear brakes pressure limiter
  • Brake fluid: Endless 320+
  • Front: Braid 7"x 17" ET20, semi slick Nitto NT01 205/40 R17 or wet slick Dunlop
  • Rear: Braid 8" x 17" ET-5, semi slick Nitto NT01 235/40 R17 or wet slick Dunlop
  • Front: OZ Ultralegerra 8" x 17" ET35, slick Michelin 20/61-17 or Dunlop 210/620-17
  • Rear: OZ Ultralegerra 9" x 18" ET40, slick Michelin 24/64-18 or Dunlop 235/640-18
  • 3D safety cage, Cr-Mo steel tubes, TIG welded
  • Closed body kit with room for installation of two ultra-light competition seats Mirco RS2 specifically designed for circuit use with integrated head bolsters for greater safety
  • Body coupe design helps for compressor cooling using impact air coming through roof collector
  • Application of special technology during fabrication of laminate saved 57% of weight in comparison to classic body kit
  • Aerodynamic functional components including diffusor and rear spoiler

Dog Gear Transmission Set K20

During realization of Attack CTR project I was faced to problem that there was not Dog Gear Set on market available which would fulfill all my requests. That was the reason why I finally decided to develop such DGS by myself.

I do not want to evaluate used transmissions but any technical solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. I will try to describe my requests and reasons of my solution.

  • Basic request
  • Genuine Honda bearings are perfectly technically designed, sufficiently sized and proved in operation. In the case of necessity those bearings are easily and quickly available for reasonable price and further more there is guarantee of their equal quality anytime.
  • Based on fact that the most of users have already shorter final gear set and often even whole differential it is convenient and chipper for them to be able to utilize already purchased components also in new kit and do not be pushed to buy new ones.
  • Therefore the kit is designed to enable combination together with gears and differentials used in genuine stock transmissions. Thanks to this there are available a many of helical and metal plate self locking differentials together with big number of different final gears 4.764 ; 5.23 ; 5.50 ; 5.84 ; 6.27
  • The gear 6.27 (very stressed mainly because of rally usage) is designed as a quite new and more resistant one for sure, as the life of recent available gears was not sufficient in demanding rally environment.
  • Helical corrected gears with big module 3.5 were selected for each gear to reach their maximum resistance and serviceability.
  • The bigger module is used for new final gears 6.27, 5.50, 5.23
  • Ratio spacing with longer first gear is designed for the best shifting rhythmus during shifting operation
  • Optimal and the same long shift tracks of individual gears are used to enable usage of sequential shifting mechanism mounted on gearbox
  • Not the last one in the row is possibility of complex service repair and kit refurbishment
  • The gearbox is designed by one of the best experienced specialist in this area in Czech Republic having big experiences to propose kits for DRAG specials with performance higher than 1000HP.
  • All components are manufactured in one of the best machinery companies in Czech Republic with guarantee not only of production itself but used stuff too and with possibility of speedy delivery for reasonable price in case of spare parts demand.
  • Tailored Dog Gear Kit Completely assembled transmission with Dog Gear Set according to individual demand for maximum speed and differential used
  • Possibility to deliver kits or individual components separately
  • Professional kit overhaul

Price lower than competitors ;)