The car doesn’t need to remain alone (and I believe it will not be). We can supply complete kit for your own car assembly, we can be helpful with components selection or we can build up whole car as package in case of your interest.

The price of complete car starts in dependence on used components from 1,000.000 CZK (36.400 EUR). Our prototype cost was around 2,000.000 CZK for your idea. If anybody would need car immediately we could sell it after tests and we will build another one after that :-)

We can build up also car based on our racing experiences and customer demand which can be used on public roads (with license number).

Hire cost is basically around 40.000 CZK (1.500 EUR) per 1hour of drive all inclusive with our mechanics. It is enough to arrive on race and let all care on us.

The basic price is calculated for more than one hour hire with semi-slick tyres (endurance races like LeMost, LeBrno, LeSlovakia Ring, LeCarbonia etc. for instance). The price for shorter events depends on common agreement but it is necessary to bear in mind fixed payment for car transport.

There is also possibility to buy a few laps within the frame of testing drives as a driver or only sitting on co-pilot seat for reasonable money.

In case of your interest do not hesitate to contact us please. It will be pleasure for us to prepare suitable offer according to your taste…