One day I was sitting at my home, looking at my sport cups and thinking what next… Something what would really fulfill me…

Everything started a long time ago with motorbike racing then car rallies and finally I have decided to tune and build up racing cars by myself… My own car has been rebuilt maybe ten times :o) but not for nothing. I have used gained experience for project realization of circuit Honda Civic TypeR 7G then for Honda Civic TypeR 8G and additionally of course for some another cars for common driving. Everything was done mainly with aim to understand as much as possible to all technical relations to be able to build complex cars. The best ones.

But with feed growths taste.

What about to rebuild our circuit TypeR to something which will be more hardcore?

It could be done but it will be always only production car which cannot beat the best ones… Everyone, who has ever driven other car than production one, he knows that there are existing cars which can get you fully without compromise.

What about to build up completely different car and utilize our experience with Honda K-engines. It could be maybe the thing, interesting, enormous challenge…

Then it was enough to meet coincidentally Luther, to find out that both of us have similar idea and during a few days we have agreed that we will start project of fully racing version of Attack GTR and we will fulfill our dreams by that.

We are a good company. I am not so much interested in design and how the engine will be positioned in car but what will be its functionality :o) So I have found out that Luther has huge number of ideas and resources how to build up car chassis which would satisfy my wishes. He is ready to discuss subjects and I like cooperation with him generally. Finally we have agreed partnership and new project started to get concrete shape.

To be effective as much as possible we have split up project according to specialization. Luther will be working on design, chassis, engine and axles position. I will take care about engine management and construction, transmission, brakes, telemetry, components selection etc.

After a very short time we have learned that we will have a plenty of work because our car is much different in comparison to serial Attack. Only design is similar if we accept that racing version is coupe and not cabriolet and because of it frame is completely different.

To get low weight as much as possible we need lighter laminates. It represents new casts. Both axles must be modified, frame must be optimized for Honda K-engine: more lower and forward position because of weight distribution. Plenty complications in front of us…

The worst of all is preparation. You are facing to many problems, it takes much time, costs big money and nothing can be seen yet :o) Several times we even hesitated whether to continue further or to change our project to chipper variant.

But finally number of problems becomes to be lesser. We were testing various components during Luther’s hard work on frame and new laminates and finally we have solved our biggest problem – transmission. We have succeeded to build up our own 6speed dog gear kit.

Finally you can already see our AttackGTR in action.

We would like to thank to all who helped or who are helping to us realize this project. All of them have worked hard and deserve our big thanks.