Start of project of the serial version of the AttackGTR ;)
Because the frame of AttackGTR have large damage we will not race in 2017 year... :( ... May be in 2018...
Races on Most circuit ... Big crash in qualifications... Big damage to the supporting frame...
Wet races on Most circuit ... 4th place on class
5.6.2016 - video
Race on Hungaroring circuit ... 2nd place on class
25.5.2016 - video
Test of suspension setup
Test for brake ballance, setting of geometry on slick
10.4.2016 - video
The first races in this year with new setup... new difusor, front roof with better aerodynamic, now with slick tires...
31.10.2015 - video
Aerodynamic test the front of the car and rear difusor, last test in 2015.
The first races within the sprint series CarboniCup. Fourth place in the division A8, but on semi-slick, all other cars were on slick. We next year too ;)
16.5.2015 - video1 and video2
Presentation and speed test of own racing car on RallyShow
Next car driving test on Most circuit - solved the problem of engine oil cooling
The second car driving test on Most circuit - final setting of transmission, see video
Analysis of findings and telemetry from Most circuit test
The first car driving test on Most circuit during endurance race series LeMans event
The first test of car final version already with mounted body cowls during Racing day taken place on CzechRing Hradec Kralove
Test phase 1 finish and final driving test of prototype without cowls
Driving test of functional prototype on Panensky Tynec airport
Engine and exhaust system construction finish, the first engine test
March 2014
Custom made construction of DogGear Kit (without synchros) finish
February 2014
Basic prototype height, arms geometry, pedals installation
End of January 2014
Steering, seats, dummy engine fixing
January 2014
Brakes, arms, wheels and suspension fix
November 2013
Final optimization of frame and body adjustments
July 2013
Prototype design introduction
April 2013
Frame complete concept supported by calculation of twisting rigidity
March 2013
The first prototype sketches and ideas about basic components
February 2013
Project start